10 Life Lessons From Living Off Grid In Alaska

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We’ve learned a lot about living off grid in Alaska so far. Here are some lessons we’ve learned here that can be applied to life anywhere!

  1. Don’t waste food ever. Even if you’re so full you can’t eat another bite, always finish your plate or you’ll regret it in 3 hours when you’re hungry again.
  2. Bears in camp are a real thing! Put up your food, keep a clean camp, and if you need to drain water or grease from a meal add it to your dogs/chickens/pigs dinner. They’ll love you for it, and it can’t attract bears if it’s already in someones stomach.
  3. Wildlife has right of way. Moose are not afraid of you or your loud noises. They will charge when annoyed!
  4. That plant that you hate because it’s covered in spines and grabs you every time you walk by? It takes years to reproduce and is medicinally beneficial, so work carefully around it. Don’t just chop it down, learn the local flora. Books like these are great for that.
  5. Even if you moved to the boonies in Alaska to get away from the noise and people of the city, talk to the people already out here. They are here for the same reason, they’ll understand, and they are a wealth of knowledge about the area. Befriend them, appreciate them.
  6. You’re going to need help. Accept it when it is offered. It’ll shave hours off your projects at times. And make sure to return the favor when able.
  7. Be positive about setbacks. Just because the tide book says you can make the beach at 5 doesn’t mean that storm won’t cut it back to 4:30. When you can’t make it home, make it a date night!
  8. Over prepare and over buy. It’s better to have that shotgun/shovel/extra box of nails and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Especially when going into town is an all day affair.
  9. If you’ve learned something, share it! Even if you only learned it yesterday, if someone else could benefit from the knowledge, pass it on.
  10. Pay it forward. There is always time to help a stranger in need, so stop for that person stuck on the side of the road, hold doors and help load groceries in parking lots. You’ll feel good about helping someone out, and hopefully they’ll remember and help someone out in the future (we did!).

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  1. We are keeping up with you guys, we miss you! Glad everything is going along and you guys are having a great time. Hugs

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