5 Homesteading Secrets Revealed

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Homesteading. Its all over these days. In the news, on television, even in video games! That said, there is a lot of misinformation about what homesteading is, and who does it. Today I wanted to dive into those misconceptions and set a few things straight. Without further ado, here are 5 homesteading secrets, revealed.

5 Homesteading Secrets Revealed - SledDogSlow.com

5 Homesteading Secrets Revealed - SledDogSlow.com

Secret #1: You can homestead just about anywhere

Homesteading is all about being self-sufficient and the journey to get there. On 100 acres or a kitchen windowsill, as long as you are taking steps towards growing and preserving your own food, you could be considered a homesteader. Unfortunately, there is little opportunity to truly homestead,  where you would receive land in exchange for working it. The meaning of the term has changed with the times to encompass any one looking to live a little more simply.

Secret #2: Homesteading is H-A-R-D

I hate to burst bubbles, but TV homesteading is overly romanticized. It’s not all barn raising and moonshine makin. Homesteading is often tragedies like dogs killing chickens, or essential equipment breakdowns. It’s problem solving, and problem having. Homesteading is working every day, without fail. This means no long vacations, or even weekends sometimes!

Secret #3: You can homestead without knowing anything about it

Have a hankering to grow your own food but don’t know how? As long as you are willing to do research, ask questions, and try, you can homestead. There’s no required degree from the University of ‘Grew Up On A Farm’. The same applies to wanting to raise your own animals for eggs, meat and dairy.

Secret #4: Homesteading is expensive

It’s unfortunate but true, homesteading costs money. Sure, there are ways to get homestead goods cheaply, but there are a lot of expenses, and they add up! From starter costs like seed, to expansion costs like land and equipment, homesteading means spending cash.

Secret #5: Homesteading can be fun

That’s right, even if you are broke and covered in mud (err, poop) you can still have fun homesteading! I love watching all the baby animals in spring, chasing around our goats, and digging my hands in the dirt. The satisfaction if living this life seems to make nearly every aspect of it more enjoyable!

Are you a homesteader with secrets to add? Share them in the comments!

This post may contain affiliate links.

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