A Kick In The Teeth

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Sometimes life kicks you in the teeth. Or Alaska. Or a 4 wheeler.

Yup. Definitely a 4 wheeler.

After talking about being safe on the homestead, I gained my first serious injury on the beach. Turns out speed + wearing two pairs of gloves because *brrrrrr* + giant flat rock = holy mother of pearl that hurts.


Hurts the face, and hurts the wallet. Not only did I fracture my two front teeth (not pretty), I also jacked up our 4 wheeler. Which we really appreciated. And which not having may be the make or break for us being able to make winter work out here. It’s not going to be cheap to fix either my teeth or the 4 wheeler unfortunately. But that’s life. Sthit happenths.


So where does that leave things? We may need to give up the homestead for this winter and pick back up next summer. We’re trying to figure out how to stay for now, but we aren’t sure it’s possible. Step #1 is figuring out how to get Kyle to his job interview on Thursday, and then to work without driving the truck on the beach (if he gets the job). A 15 mile hike before and after work each day is just not feasible, and the beach won’t be safe to drive pretty soon.

But I guess that’s a problem to solve tomorrow. Everything looks better in the morning right? I’m sure my bruises will!

This post may contain affiliate links.


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