Addition Update – Mixing Stick Frame And Log Walls

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Okay, so we might end up with the goofiest looking cabin up here, but who cares? As long as it’s dry and warm for winter being original won’t hurt us! Last post I mentioned that due to time constraints Kyle would be framing in the top portion of the cabin on top of our log walls. Well he’s nearly done with that and this is what our stick frame-log cabin looks like so far!














Needless to say there were some serious challenges in doing things this way:

  • Making sure things are level – Kyle said leveling things while building a normal stick frame home is hard enough, but leveling on top of round logs was a real PITA. Using a chainsaw to level logs without a guide required eyeballing the cut then checking the level repeatedly.
  • Joining stick frame and log walls – Because we added this 12 x 12 log addition to our stick built 10 x 10 studio, it required some finagling to get everything to stay together. I would definitely recommend starting with two buildings the same size if we ever needed to replicate this project!
  • Roofing – Working on roofs is awkward in itself, but add in the complicating factors of two roofs of different pitch and height and you have a roofing nightmare, especially with slippery metal! Kyle did get to hang out with three moose on our property yesterday while he was on the roof though!

This is not an easy task we set ourselves out here. Bruises are plentiful, but so is our sense of joy at our accomplishments!


This post may contain affiliate links.


  1. nice looking cabin… and it will more than double your living space…

    thanks for keeping your blog going..

    oh.. and congrats on the little one…

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