Alaska For Good

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We finally made it to Alaska!

After getting up at 3am to make sure we had plenty of time to check in our dogs we finally boarded our 6am flight, and I somehow managed to sleep the entire way!


(Click here for the kennels we used to fly the dogs.)

We arrived at the Anchorage airport just after 9am and picked up the dogs (who were very happy to see us). Ronan was still a little woozy from his tranquilizer, but Link was wide awake and panting. One thing the vet told us before we left was that the dogs needed to take their pills before leaving for the airport. If they get excited then the tranquilizers won’t kick in. Link has always been a more nervous dog, so if we ever fly with him again I’ll ask for a higher dose medicine. After we gave the dogs a once over, we rented a car and hit the road!


We’ll be staying in Anchorage tonight, and in case anyone ever needs to know, most Anchorage hotels are super dog friendly!

Our to-do list before we even head out to our property feels like it’s a mile and a half long, but we are still waiting for our shipped items to come in so we should have plenty of time to get a pick up truck, some bear protection and shop 4 wheeler’s before it’s time to load up and head out.

Now please excuse me while I squeal with excitement!

This post may contain affiliate links.


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