Best Of Sled Dog Slow 2016

The top 5 most read posts from Sled Dog Slow this year:

  1. Appreciation For The Small Things – This is my all time favorite post on the blog! Glad to see so many other people enjoyed it as well!
  2. We Might Be A Little Bit Crazy 
  3. Reality Check
  4. A Kick In The Teeth
  5. Pregnancy And Homesteading

This has been a heck of an adventure so far living out here in the Alaskan bush. Off grid is hard, and off road is harder, but all of our ups and downs have been worth it. We managed to get a home built before winter, build water filtration systems, canned some salmon and blueberries and get set up with chickens. Next year’s plans include a greenhouse, garden, well and hopefully wind power.


Thank you to all my readers from as far away as Uruguay and South Korea! I hope you’ll continue reading in the coming year!

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