Best Of Sled Dog Slow 2017

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 Best Of Sled Dog Slow 2017

Last year I did the top 5 posts at the end of the year. This year I wrote a lot more, so I wanted to share the top 10. Here is the best of Sled Dog Slow 2017:

1. How To Hack A Chicken Killing Dog

Definitely a go to post if you’ve had trouble integrating dogs and chickens before. This is a tried and true method for me, that I’ve used on multiple dogs over the years. Hopefully you never need it, but its better to be over prepared than under prepared!

2. Why A Homestead Often Looks Like A Junkyard

This post was shared a lot by my homesteading friends. Quite a few thanked me for giving them a good excuse for the junk piles everywhere!

3. When A Hen Is A Rooster Is A Hen

Did y’all know a hen can “turn into” a rooster? Neither did I until I had it happen in my flock! Now, you won’t be getting any fertilized eggs out of these gentlemen, but they will crow, grow spurs, and protect your ladies!

4. Pros And Cons Of Tiny House Living

Not sure you’re ready to make the leap from 2000 to 200 square feet? This is the post for you!

5. How To Raise Chicks Without Electricity

When we first moved out to our little piece of Alaskan paradise it was raw land. No driveway, no cabin, no power. So our first batch of chickens I ended up figuring out how to raise without electricity. I actually used these methods for our second batch too because it was more convenient than starting the generator or using up all our solar with heat lamps!

6. Building On A Budget – The Alaskan Way

When you need a shed built now but won’t have money until later. This is how we managed out here.

Building On A Budget, The Alaskan Way

7. Six Reasons We Homestead In Alaska

There are a lot of places we could have chosen to homestead, but trust me, Alaska is one of the best places in the USA for this kind of life! There are plenty of reasons we chose to live here, but these are our top six.

8. 5 Risks When Living Life By The Tides

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that our access isn’t easy. It’s seasonal, and can be sketchy year round. In summer we can’t get anything bigger than a 4 wheeler to our place, and we come and go depending on the tides. There are a lot of risks involved with having our access regularly cut off. Just read the post to see what happens if you don’t follow the rules!

life by the tides

9. Three Surprising Places To Find Cheap Homestead Goods

Homesteading is expensive. Here are three places to find the things you need a little bit cheaper.

10. Canning Salmon

How to can fresh caught salmon, as I learned from a dear Alaskan friend.

Bonus round anyone?

My favorite post of all time is: Appreciation For The Small Things. This is pretty much the post where we realized just how different our lives where really going to be. I love how well I captured our awe and appreciation of that moment!

How y’all are finding us: Most of our views come from Pinterest and Facebook. Feel free to follow us in both places and share our stuff 😉

The most searched items to get to here are: “What to do on a homestead in Alaska in the winter” and “Hauling water for an off grid cabin”. I guess I know what I should write more about!

My favorite purchase we’ve made this year: Definitely our instant hot water heater. Being able to take a shower when I want, for as long as I want, has been such a ridiculously nice thing to have! We do also have an amazing wood splitter, and that would be #1 except it was a gift from my Father-in-law, so we didnt buy it!

We’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned quite a few lessons in our second year out here. I hope you’ll keep up with our adventure in the coming years.

Thanks for reading friends!

This post may contain affiliate links.



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