Breaking Ground

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We finally broke ground this week!

Kyle’s dad Keith came out this week and helped us start on our ‘temporary’ studio shed shelter. It’s just a little 10 x 10 that we will be living in until the cabin is built, which probably means it will be home for at least a year. We really went small with the temporary shelter to save money, and it will certainly be interesting squeezing ourselves into that space after living in our average sized house in Washington.

First the guys widened our driveway so we could get all the materials to the little clearing we had picked to build the studio in. It gets plenty of sunshine which will be great for our solar plans.


There are a few trees we will take out to get more sunlight. But it was nice to start with a space that was already mostly set and open!

We thought it would take us hours to clear the moss and rotted logs out before we could start building, but Keith told us to use our little Craftsman chainsaw as a sod cutter to make things easier for us.

20160526_094747 20160526_094922

It made things go so much faster, and we finished clearing the ground in under 2 hours! Then we were on to the foundation and leveling of the area. I promise I did actually help with this project, I’m just always taking pictures so I never end up in any!


Then onto the actual floor and insulation!

20160526_162400 20160526_164223 20160526_175651 20160526_181632

20160526_184244 20160526_200521 20160526_200952

And of course because we don’t have any electricity Kyle used the chain saw to cut all the floorboards that needed it! Tomorrow we’ll be working on framing out the rest of the studio, then adding insulation and the roof over the next week. We expect rain late next week so hopefully we will finish it all by then!

Of course our week wasn’t all work and no play, Keith and Kyle went for a paddle around the lake and Kyle tried fishing a little bit. Got a few bites but didn’t catch anything unfortunately.



And here’s a bonus picture of Ronan looking very suspicious about our chainsaw use:


This post may contain affiliate links.

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