Building An Addition – Log Walls Update

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Kyle has been working hard on the addition to our studio. Now that there are three of us, a little more space will be extremely welcome!

Our 12 x 12 extension has been a bit slow in going up since I’ve been unable to help. Lifting logs is not a recommended pregnancy activity so Kyle has been doing everything himself. From falling the trees to debarking with a draw knife to lifting and cutting them, he has been hard at work getting our walls done. The only thing I was really able to help with was putting pegs in the logs where the door will be cut out.















Now that we are to the top (and crunched for time since winter will be here quickly) Kyle plans on stick framing in the loft and roof areas. Then we will need to add chinking to the walls to keep out the elements. A common thing here seems to be stuffing insulation between the logs then putting some kind of perma-chink on top of that, so that is our plan for this practice cabin. Depending on how well it works that may be what we end up using when we build our “real” cabin.

The baby and I will be continuing to stay at our friends cabin until Kyle finishes putting on the roof, then we’ll be moving up there and I’ll help put in the chinking (hooray for having stuff I can help with!). As much as I’ve enjoyed our stay here, I’m very ready to go home and continue working on our homestead.

This post may contain affiliate links.


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