Dogs And Outhouses

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After much online searching I have been able to come up with nothing on how to solve an interesting problem we’ve encountered out here.



is much to interested in the outhouse! So far Ronan has been caught trying to dig under it three times. That really is bad dog behavior. Luckily Link seems to have no interest in the outhouse at all.

We seemed to have weaned him away from doing it for now, but here is what I’d do in the future to keep a dog from getting into an outhouse:

  • Whether building one or moving somewhere that has an outhouse, teach the dog from the start that area is off limits.
  • Discipline as necessary if you catch them digging.
  • Use a product like No Dig in the area directly around the outhouse.
  • Fence off the area if possible.
  • Chain the dog if you have to leave him unsupervised and he’s still interested in the outhouse.
  • Use a deodorizer in the outhouse so there isn’t that much temptation for the dog.
  • Set the outhouse foundation at least a half foot in the ground if able to when building. That way dogs can’t get to the actual hole itself.

And last but not least:

If your dog just will not stay away, or if it seems to be eating a lot of poop (some poop eating is normal dog behavior!), take it to a vet. Sometimes vitamin deficiencies or parasites can cause dogs to seek out excrement to eat.

Good luck!

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This post may contain affiliate links.

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