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Emergency preparedness is huge when you live as far from town, and the road, as we do. We ended up snowed in for nearly a month after bringing the truck back. Unfortunately when we bring the truck back our 4 wheeler stays at our parking spot, so we’ve been without a vehicle this whole time. We prepared for the possibility of being stuck this winter before the snow came. These are the things we considered:

1. Food

We bought everything in bulk when we last went shopping, stocking up on staple items as well as animal feed. We also have enough dehydrated emergency food kits to last us 3 months if we need it.

2. Water

We haul water to the homestead from a creek roughly a half mile away. We can bring 20 gallons at a time, either on the 4 wheeler or by pulling it on a sled. Then we put it through our homemade gravity water filter (instructions to make your own here), so we always have water. If anything happened to our water filter we also have life straws as a back up.

3. Shelter/Warmth

We heat our cabin with a wood stove. Luckily we had lots of wood stacked up before we got snowed in. It was a good thing since we can’t haul wood easily without the 4 wheeler! We also have a heater big enough to heat our cabin if we ever needed to use it, and a lot of dead standing trees within walking distance of the cabin.

4. Energy

We have 30 gallons of gas that we keep out here. That will last us 2 months if we use the generator every day, and use the 4 wheeler and chainsaw. We also use our generator to charge our battery bank while we use it, then we use that during the day. Our solar panels are getting more sun every day now, but they still don’t give us a full charge yet. We also have a back up generator, just in case something happens to this one, along with extra oil to maintain it (because maintenance matters, see why here).

5. Knowledge

We’ve done a lot of research on surviving, and thriving, out here. Both for everyday things we should know like understanding weather conditions, and emergency things, like finding water depth from plants. We also have lots of books with good survival knowledge in them (see my post on the books we have here). Between our books and cell phone booster, we should be able to look up anything we might need to know.

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It’s important to be prepared for any situations that may come out way out here. We’ve been caught unprepared before (post here), and I never want to do that again! How do you prepare for emergencies?

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