Minimalist Monday

Minimalist Monday -
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As I mentioned a few posts ago (found here), Kyle and I are going to try and go minimal electricity once a week. So here it is! Next week we will be starting our Minimalist Monday Movement, where each Monday we unplug and unwind to be in the present. I won’t say there will be absolutely no electricity use, but I’m hoping to use this to wean myself away from so much phone use.

We decided on Minimalist Monday because Kyle and his dad have a tradition of watching the Seahawks play together during football season. Which means my first ideas of Simple Sunday and Solar Saturday were out. Monday was the only other day I could come up with a cool name for, because this plan needs a name, ya know?

Monday’s will be reserved for nature walks, cooking, cleaning, homestead chores and family bonding. I would throw reading on that list, but I gave up most of my 400+ library when we moved out here. I’m slowly picking up books here and there, and my mom has sent a few in the mail (thanks Mom!), but mostly I use my Kindle app to read, so that’s counter productive to the whole “put the phone down” idea.

Things I’m hoping to work on over the next few Mondays include:

  • Picking up Yoga
  • Going for a walk each Monday
  • Finishing the burl bowl I started
  • Making a dream catcher
  • Making a weeks worth of bread
  • Working on blog posts (pen & paper!)

Once spring comes I’ll have more specific tasks that will need doing, and Monday will be my set aside “Get Shit Done” day where I pick a project and motor through it. Things like building a compost bin, cleaning out the chicken coop, and hauling water are all projects that can be done in a day (even if they need repeating the next Monday!).

Kyle is going to help me keep on track with this plan too. Even though he loves playing his X-Box, he hates the phone and the fact that I’m always tied to it, so he’s willing to go without video games to help me break my phone habit. Solidarity is what marriages are all about, right? 🙂

The only 100% planned caveat to Minimalist Monday are pictures.  I used the phone a lot to document goings on around the homestead, so I’ll probably put the phone in airplane mode rather than turn it off. That way I still have it quickly if I need to take a picture, and when you live somewhere as beautiful as this, there’s always something to capture with a camera!


Beautiful day! #nofilter

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If you feel like you could use a break from today’s toys and distractions, feel free to start your own Minimalist Monday and let us know how it goes!

This post may contain affiliate links. 

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