One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

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So we’ve hit our first major snag in our timeline. Our stuff never made it on the barge to Alaska! Rather than arriving on May 2nd (the same day we flew in), now it wont be in Alaska until May 10th. This means we suddenly have nothing to do but wait since we don’t have any of our camping supplies, so our forward momentum has stopped.

Old timeline:

Buy truck, buy hand gun for back up bear protection (since we plan on using sprays like this), unload crate and load up the truck, buy a 4 wheeler and head to property and stay until we absolutely need to go to town.

What we did instead:

Spent some time to cursing, bought a truck (yay! something went right!), decided we didn’t want to spend another week in hotels, gathered supplies to sleep in the new truck, decided we would spend this week down on our property, go to buy a shotgun for bear protection, spend an entire day trying to get an Alaskan ID to purchase said shotgun (don’t even ask, I nearly cried), give up and go to bed, wake up with the sunrise and go get ID, go buy shotgun and get the heck out of Anchorage!

Now finally headed south to our property. Here’s hoping for smooth sailing for the next few days!

20160503_144507 Our pretty new truck!
20160503_215522Car camping (we also did this on our honeymoon, last time we were in Alaska)20160504_114101

Headed down the inlet to our new home!

This post may contain affiliate links.

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