Dogs And Outhouses

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After much online searching I have been able to come up with nothing on how to solve an interesting problem we’ve encountered out here.



is much to interested in the outhouse! So far Ronan has been caught trying to dig under it three times. That really is bad dog behavior. Luckily Link seems to have no interest in the outhouse at all.

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Building A Chicken Coop For (Almost) Free

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Today we finished our 3′ x 5′ chicken coop (yay!) and were able to move our thirty two chicks out of the green house.

I know a 3′ X 5′ seems a little small for thirty two chickens, but they are all under a month old right now and have plenty of space. And fifteen of them are meat birds so they won’t be living in the coop to long. We made a stockade style “cabin” chicken coop as we needed to clear some trees anyway. We were able to come up with quite a few 4 ft long pieces roughly the same diameter. So then we picked a spot and Kyle started digging!



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