4 Wheeler Appreciation

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So the last few weeks have been unreasonably hard.

Our 4 wheeler’s drive shaft broke, and while we were driving on the beach too! We pushed it as close to the cliff face as possible and trekked the 5 miles back home. Kyle then went back at the next low tide and managed to get it to the truck, taking 3 hours for a trip he can normally make in 35 minutes. Then we had to order parts and waited 2 weeks for them to come in. In the meantime we drove the truck and parked it on the beach walking the last half mile home each time we needed to go to town. Luckily the tides have been below 30 ft for that time frame. Any tides over that and it would no longer be safe to park the truck on the beach.

Today we finally had all the parts and time, so we decided to work on the 4 wheeler. After much online research we managed to get the old parts off, and they were definitely ruined.




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Homestead Update

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We’ve got so much done here around the homestead recently!

We’ve (nearly) finished up the studio entirely. It now has a floor, insulation, and wall coverings! We used snap together laminate flooring between us and the insulation for a few reasons, the main one being that it was cheaper than putting up dry wall. It was also prettier than plain drywall, and we didn’t even need to paint it after.




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