Breaking Ground

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We finally broke ground this week!

Kyle’s dad Keith came out this week and helped us start on our ‘temporary’ studio shed shelter. It’s just a little 10 x 10 that we will be living in until the cabin is built, which probably means it will be home for at least a year. We really went small with the temporary shelter to save money, and it will certainly be interesting squeezing ourselves into that space after living in our average sized house in Washington.

First the guys widened our driveway so we could get all the materials to the little clearing we had picked to build the studio in. It gets plenty of sunshine which will be great for our solar plans.


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We Did Want Adventure…

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And boy did we get our adventure!

Yesterday we decided we needed to take the truck on the beach in order to get building materials to our property. We didn’t even make it to the beach before we noticed a clicking coming from our rear driver’s side tire. After looking at it a bit and calling our dad’s, we took some weight off to see if that would help. It continued to click so my dad suggested looking for a rock in the hub cap.

Lo and behold, when we took off the hub cap we realized that tire was loose too! Unfortunately we’d taken the tire iron to camp to work on the 4 wheeler and forgotten to bring it back to the truck. Luckily some people had come to the park and gave Kyle a ride back to their house to borrow theirs, and we tightened all the tires. Yup, the front were loose as well! After saying goodbye to them we ran into another gentleman who owns a cabin in the area and he lent us his for the trip down the beach in case we needed to change a tire out there.

And then we were finally off!



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I feel like we’ve actually accomplished something and made progress in the past few days. After Kyle spoke with another gentleman with a cabin up in this area we gave up on finding our markers for now. He had been coming up to his cabin for 10 years and never found his property markers!

So… we used the plat map, paced off the distance and decided if we went in right in the middle there was no way we could accidentally be on someone else’s property. Which brings us to:

We have a driveway now!

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