We Might Be A Little Bit Crazy

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This is it! Our crazy plan of moving to Alaska is officially underway!

Let me backtrack a little bit. For several years I have been looking at property and dreaming about moving out into the country on a little homestead of my own. I’d considered moving out of Washington due to land prices, but was never able to get the courage to go by myself. Then along came my boyfriend Kyle, who out of the blue asked me to move to the Alaskan backwoods and live off grid with him (okay, we may have been watching one of those off grid Alaskan survival shows so it wasn’t totally out of the blue). I said yes, but only if he married me, and he said yes too! We spent the next month or so in a whirlwind of planning. We got married, then headed to Alaska for our 4 day honeymoon to look for land. After exploring the areas we liked we came home, spent some time on research and purchased our land in September 2015. Hooray for being the proud owners of nearly 5.5 acres of raw land on the Kenai Peninsula! 

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