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I feel like we’ve actually accomplished something and made progress in the past few days. After Kyle spoke with another gentleman with a cabin up in this area we gave up on finding our markers for now. He had been coming up to his cabin for 10 years and never found his property markers!

So… we used the plat map, paced off the distance and decided if we went in right in the middle there was no way we could accidentally be on someone else’s property. Which brings us to:

We have a driveway now!

20160519_150540 20160519_200722(0) 20160519_221437 20160519_221519

This tool was immensely helpful in clearing the brush:

It didn’t look like much when we started, but we can get the 4 wheeler all the way to the clearing that we want to put our shed up in. We also roughed out where we would be putting chickens and rabbits.


We also bought a .22 for hunting small game, so now we can get that porcupine (and probably feed it to the dogs, they are eating a LOT).

Other good things that have happened in the last few days: Kyle met a lady who is giving us a free greenhouse and some plants to get our garden started, the dogs scared a grizzly and a moose out of camp, and today the tide leveled the beach out so driving the truck out to our access should be easier now!


Ronan found himself a huge bone, and Link found a nest of spruce grouse eggs!

20160518_144819 20160518_144915

Now to get our shed supplies up there and start building!

This post may contain affiliate links.

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