Tips For Living Small

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Kyle and I currently live in roughly 96 sq feet of space, so we know a thing or two about living small. I thought I’d write out some of the things that we’ve learned that have made living in such tight quarters easier for us.

  1. Have a place for everything, and always put everything back in its place.
  2. Utilize the space you have. Put up shelves everywhere you can, and hooks under them to hang things from.
  3. If you have any electronics, Velcro is your best friend. When there is only a foot wide pathway you don’t want to be tripping over wires.
  4. Make/use furniture that flips up to leave more day to day living area.
  5. If you plan on living with someone, make sure you really like them. You will be bumping into each other a lot when living small (which especially happens to me due to being pregnant!).
  6. Prioritize your things. This goes for downsizing to move as well as purchasing new items.
  7. Most importantly, don’t go to small! If you know you’re going to care that the bed is 6 inches from the kitchen table, give yourself more space. Kyle and I decided 96 sq ft was fine for the two of us, and its worked out great so far. However, we will have a third person living here in just a few months, so we need to add some more square footage to keep baby items in.



As you can see, we’ve used lots of hooks to hang things from so there would be more shelf space. We also used fabric boxes (found here) to hold our clothes in so everything stays neat. Our table top flips up and down to make more room for cooking. And our bed folds up to the wall as well, leaving more living area!



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This post may contain affiliate links.

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